Our toddlers are incredible learners and have new adventures every day in a nurturing home environment a happy place where children can learn, explore, dance, and sing. Our play-based curriculum follows the child’s interest providing open-ended learning. Our little explorers investigate, discover, and engage in meaningful hands-on activities and exploration projects that encourage thinking skills and enhance motor development.

Our educators carefully plan individualized and group activities to support children in engaging social-emotional experiences and encourage each child’s growing need for independence. Our welcoming play space offers art, music, sensory blocks, language manipulates, and dramatic play. All areas are richly enhanced with beautiful unique age-appropriate learning materials and toys.

Our knowledge educators intentional planed activities support children’s desire to move to the next development level. Our educational activities are integrated across all domains of a toddler’s development physical social emotional and intellectual. These experiences develop confidence, curiosity, and friendship transforming every day into a playful and meaningful learning experience.

Nurturing interactions

Warm and affectionate interactions build social skills boost development and model language.

Learning through play

Play-based learning experiences boost every aspect of toddler’s development.

Fostering independence

Encouraging independence, resilience, and problem-solving to foster self-awareness and boost confidence.

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