Our preschool is fun happy and engaging where children explore investigate and discover the world around them.

Our preschool early education program supports each preschooler’s emerging school-readiness skills.
We follow a play-based approach building the foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing
social-emotional skills, communication, independent thinking, and creativity. All are guided by the
interests of each child.

Our educator offers a meaningful hands-on learning experience for children to develop skills in literacy math science and cultural studies. They express themselves through music and art developing physical and motor skills.

We encourage independence and build confidence. Helping your child master their self-help skills and
discover that they are capable and can do things for themselves. Our welcoming play space is filled with
rich learning materials, and books, along with natural objects that encourage open-ended play providing endless
opportunities to inspire your child’s curiosity to learn and engage with their friends and their environment.

Nurturing relationships

Warm respectful interactions with adults and friends build social competence and develop kindness.

High-quality learning environments

Research-based practices assure ideal learning environments from structure and routine to design and

School readiness

Promoting a love of learning to encourage future academic success

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