Home Sweet Home your family childcare a cozy welcoming environment provides the perfect blend of play-based and academic evidence-based curriculum. Our brand-new, beautiful, well-designed environment supports children’s growth and development, affirms family’s expectations of high quality, and has a positive effect on teachers’ ability to implement our play-based educational program.

We believe that the physical environment is important to children learning. Children’s creativity and learning processes are very much influenced by their environment. Our space is carefully designed with our children in mind. We consider not only what children need in a space but how they will use it. We know our program will form an integral part of a child’s earliest learning. We utilize both indoor and outdoor spaces with the purpose of teaching intention and children learning through play. Our indoor learning space is a beautifully organized learning area richly enhanced with open-ended educational materials and interesting natural loose parts encouraging child-initiated hand on play. Our certified nature explores outdoor classroom brings out the natural scientist in every child as they explore the world around us. Our nurturing peaceful home environment is a perfect place to form a strong loving relationship between caregiver and child.

Our program serves a diverse community of families we value the differences that each family and child bring into our program. We are devoted to providing a positive early learning experience for our youngest learners in a community that values all forms of diversity where children feel a sense of security and belonging. A warm welcoming environment that feels just like home.


Children’s health and safety are our top priorities.


Children learn through play in a high-interest environment


Children and parents alike should always feel welcome


Our mission is to create a community of happy children, happy parents and happy teachers.

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