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Children explore the world with their hearts, hands and minds. Home Sweet Home Child Care focuses on those three key areas to achieve early childhood development.

We believe the first three years of a child’s life are most important because this is the crucial, sensitive period for brain development. The experience a child has during this time will shape the architecture of his/her brain; building the connections that allow him/her to develop lifelong skills and laying the foundation needed for growth, happiness and success.

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Our programs focus on the development of the whole child, enhancing the child’s growth educationally, emotionally, socially and physically through use of a resource-based curriculum, play-based activity, and nurturing guidance. Children gain the greatest knowledge through hands-on active learning that encourages their natural curiosity.

Our strong partnership between parents and teachers is essential to providing a positive child care experience. As part of our commitment to your child’s well being, we use a variety of measures to make your child’s safety our #1 priority. Our classrooms offer a small child-to-teacher ratio ensuring appropriate levels of supervision and individual attention.

Our teaching staff are caring, dedicated teachers who develop authentic relationships with the children, and are sensitive to the differing needs of each child. We are passionate and committed about creating a nurturing, educational environment for each child in our care.

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