16 months – 23 months

We offer small group activities as well as exploratory playtime. By using a theme-based model curriculum we have created a framework of learning through engaging, purposeful and developmental practices; following the guidelines provided by Illinois Early Learning Standards.

Toddlers at Home Sweet Home Child Care are busy using their newly acquired skills like walking, developing language, friendships and independence. Our program helps toddlers explore their world in a safe, encouraging environment. Every day is an amazing journey for them as they engage in activities like counting, sorting and classifying objects, playing musical instruments and singing songs, reading books, learning to follow simple instruction, and learning to manage emotions.

At Home Sweet Home Child Care, Toddlers have a large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment to enhance their large motor skills including ride toys they learn to push or peddle, climbing structures, and sensory play activities with sand and water. In the art area, they have the opportunity to engage in fun hands-on activities like dabble in finger painting and using crayons and markers. A Toddler's day consists of self-directed play, focused learning activities, a classroom routine, eating, and nap time. Activities for this age group are built upon Toddlers' limitless curiosity and their natural desire to explore and discover.

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