Infants (8 weeks – 15 months)
Caregivers offer individualized care that recognizes each child’s natural feeding, sleeping and play rhythms in a nurturing environment, with time for play and exploration. Each day includes rocking, singing songs and reading books. They begin to discover the world around them with colors, shapes and stories. We will introduce your child to a new and beautiful world one discovery at a time.
Ratio: 3:1

Toddlers through Preschool (16 months – 5 years)
Children learn an incredible amount from our daily activities. Give a child a box of crayons, construction paper and glue and something magical happens. This is an example of an activity directed towards fine motor skills. Reading a book or singing a song, learning finger plays are activities geared towards developing their literacy skills. Pretending to be a fireman or playing with puppets are activities that help children explored their interpersonal skills and creativity. We provide an array of activities designed for the different ages and interests of each child.

We incorporate music into our daily activities. Along with having a music program on Thursday mornings, Susan Salidor a music specialist comes to play musical instruments for the children to listen to and engages them in song and dance.

We have art activities throughout the week. On Wednesdays we have Evans Finamore
a art specialist brings her creative art projects each week.

Our outdoor environment is designed to offer children ongoing experiences with the natural world and its cycles; our beautiful play space gives each child opportunities for authentic learning while they explore through their senses.

Meal time is a important part of the day for many reasons. Early experiences with food have a strong impact on the future eating habits and health of young children. We serve healthy and delicious meals and snacks for our students using seasonal, local, organic and whole foods as much as possible. This is a wonderful opportunity to developing social skills, learning math concepts, building muscles, improving fine motor skills and experimenting with textures, tastes and colors.

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